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Vocal Coaching & Public Speaking Classes

No matter what profession your child eventually pursues there is a high likelihood that they will have to stand before a group and present at some point. Every student needs an interview before school or university and every professional needs to lecture or present eventually. Your confidence and ability to present with impact has never been more important. That's why Public Speaking is a huge life skill and why we are so committed to its teaching.

With LAMDA examinations of Spoken English & Speaking in Public forming the structure for our lessons we aim to educate and train the skill of presenting to any and all who recognise its value.

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Private Voice Coaching


Are you maximising your potential? Would one to one coaching help you? Do you need to work on last-minute auditions? Find new material?


Do you feel nervous about public speaking? Unsure how to start presentations? Want to improve your voice and vocal range?


Does your child need help with public speaking? Or need an extra boost with reading skills? Do you want to build their confidence? Self Esteem? Prepare your child for the school entrance interview?

Dancers & Singers

90% of Musical theatre courses require applicants to perform a drama monologue as part of an audition process. Would voice and presentation training increase your potential?

Drama School Auditions

Are you aiming to train at drama school? Not sure of where to start finding those contrasting speeches?

Ex Performers

Are you looking to get BACK into the Business? Would new/fresh monologues give your auditions a boast?

LAMDA Examinations

Do you want to take acting, devising, reading for performance, Speaking in Public and Speaking of verse and prose?

Public Speaking

Do you feel nervous when asked to speak in public? Do you want to learn the skills that make public speaking easier? 


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To find out more about voice coaching with Newson Academy, please contact Jo Anne on  07956 266124 or email [email protected]