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LAMDA exam preparation at Newson Academy

Newson Academy offers all students over the age of five years the opportunity to take LAMDA examinations. The London Academy of Music & Dramatic Arts is one of the UK’s oldest and most respected awarding organisations. Being able to speak confidently in public and communicate clearly are important skills for later life. We are very proud of our 100% LAMDA pass rate which we have maintained since 2009, including Stage 3 Poetry 100/100, Grade 1 Poetry 98/100 

and Grade 3 Poetry 100/100. 

We offer group LAMDA classes as well as private lessons in Woking, New Haw and West Byfleet. Please view our timetable for further class details.

Newson Academy has maintained a 100% LAMDA pupil pass rate since 2009

The benefits of LAMDA exams

The main benefits of taking LAMDA exams are:

 Increased confidence and self-esteem

 Improved reading levels

 Expand vocabulary and improved self-expression

 Develop good verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

 Speak confidently in public

 Unlock the imagination

 Develop an appreciation of literature and drama

LAMDA syllabus

LAMDA offer a wide range of examinations- Acting, Devised, Speaking in Public and Speaking of Verse and Prose. Newson Academy offers students the opportunity to prepare for exams in all these subject areas.

The Speaking examinations are taken individually and the Performance examinations may be taken individually and in pairs. There are also group examinations in Speaking, Acting, Devised and Musical Theatre.

The Examinations are divided into:

Introductory poetry (stages 1-3) 

All other subjects start at Entry and continue up to grade 8, they are as follows

Entry Level 

                                             Level 1 (Foundation) - Grades 1-3

Level 2 (Intermediate) - Grades 4-5

Level 3 (Advanced) - Grade 6-8

Bronze medal - Grade 6

Silver medal - Grade 7 

Gold medal - Grade 8

 After students have reached Grade 8, they can then continue to study towards their diplomas. These are:

- The LAMDA Certificate in Speech and Drama (P. Cert .LAM)

- The LAMDA Diploma in Communication, Speech and Drama Education (LSDE)

Students can also be entered for the LAMDA Communication Award and the LAMDA Performance Award

Skills for life

All of the techniques learnt and developed in LAMDA lessons help students in their presentation skills throughout their school career, University experience and future work life.

Those awarded Bronze (equivalent of GCSE), Silver (equivalent of AS level) and Gold (equivalent of A level) Medals and diplomas win valuable UCAS points which they can put towards their total achievement at A level and in their personal statements when applying for University places.

Newson Academy offers students the opportunity to take the following LAMDA examinations:

Three basic examinations exploring poetry and conversation skills designed to introduce the exams structure. 

LAMDA’s communication examinations provide the opportunity to develop a clear speaking voice, positive body language and self-confidence by exploring different uses of spoken English.

LAMDA’s performance examinations use drama to develop self-confidence, physical presence and a strong speaking voice.

Our Private LAMDA Centre is located in Ripley

Newson Academy has maintained a 100% LAMDA pupil pass rate since 2009

To find out more about LAMDA Exams with Newson Academy, please contact Jo Anne on 07956 266124 or email [email protected]

LAMDA class timetable