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LAMDA Results
Aug 2017
12 Distinctions
2 Merits

100% Pass rate
since 2009
107 Distinctions
131 Merits

London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art
LAMDA is now the largest Examination board of Speech and Drama examinations and not only has it gained a reputation of excellence as a Drama School and leader in examinations in the UK, the Academy is renowned throughout Europe, Middle East, Far East, Africa and the United States. LAMDA offers performance based examinations, carefully refined and developed over many years by experts in education, acting and communication.
Why take LAMDA?
Students who enjoy acting, poetry and prose and want to develop their performance technique can follow the LAMDA syllabus. They can work individually, in pairs and in small groups to improve their skills in voice, diction, movement and mime.
Lessons are designed to help students gain confidence by engaging imaginatively with text to communicate thoughts, emotion, style and form, with clarity, in recital performances and public speaking. Versatility in acting is encouraged through improvisation and rehearsal of a variety of scenes from classical and contemporary plays; they explore methods of creating believable characterisations and situations and further their understanding of performance process and presentation techniques. All of the techniques learnt and developed in LAMDA lessons help the young people and adults in their presentation skills throughout their school career, University experience and future work life.

Those awarded Bronze (equivalent of GCSE), Silver (equivalent of AS level) and Gold (equivalent of A level) Medals and diplomas win valuable UCAS points which they can put towards their total achievement at A level and in their personal statements when applying for University places.
What do they do?
LAMDA offer a wide range of examinations- Acting, Devised, Musical Theatre, Reading for Performance, Speaking in Public, Spoken English and Speaking of Verse and Prose.
The Speaking examinations are taken individually and the Performance examinations may be taken individually and in pairs. There are also group examinations in Speaking, Acting, Devised and Musical Theatre, through a range of examinations their mission is to:
• Improve standards of communication through the spoken word,
• Develop an appreciation for literature and drama
• Provide a framework through which individuals can develop
• Support the creative, social and intellectual development of an individual
• Build confidence and self esteem
• Enable students to acquire skill certification
• Through examination provide a record of personal achievement.
LAMDA offer a wide range of Examinations and at the Newson Academy students aged 4 and a half years to adults are offered the opportunity to prepare for examinations in all of the subjects offered by Lamda.
The Examinations are divided into:
Introductory, Preparatory and Preliminary – Speaking of Verse and Prose, all other subjects start at Entry and continue up to grade 8, they are as follows:
Entry Level Level 1 (Foundation) - Grades 1- 3
Level 2 (Intermediate) - Grade 4- 5 Level 3 (Advanced) - Grades 6-8
Grade 6 - Bronze, Grade 7 - Silver and Grade 8 - Gold

After students have reached Grade 8, they can then continue to study towards their diplomas. These are:
• The LAMDA Certificate in Speech and Drama (P. Cert .LAM)
• The LAMDA Diploma in Communication, Speech and Drama Education (LSDE)
Students can also be entered for the LAMDA Communication Award and the LAMDA Performance Award.


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