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Terms and Conditions for Newson Academy

Notice of Cancellation.

1 Should you wish to terminate your Child’s classes, “a term's notice” is required and must be given in writing, failing to do so will result in a term’s fees becoming payable.


2 Invoices for fees will be published and issued before the start of term and are payable in advance at the beginning of each term. Cheques should be made payable to “Newson Academy”. Payment is due in full within 7 days, after which time a surcharge of 10% will be added.


3 Newson Academy will not accept responsibility for the loss or damage of monies, clothing, personal effects or properties of any kind.

4 The Academy does not hold itself responsible for any accident or injury sustained to students outside of the premises during lessons or in the premises during lessons.

5 All students are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible and sensible manner during all classes by showing self-discipline and respect towards others at all times. Students who damage company equipment or property through misuse or reckless behaviour will be held liable for any cost of repair or replacement.

Your Child(ren)

6 Students should be collected from the entrance to the Dora Honnor Room at the end of each class.

7 It is the responsibility of the parent(s) /guardian to inform Newson Academy if your child is to be collected by anyone other than the parent(s)/ guardian.

8 All students must come to classes correctly attired. Long hair must be tied back and comfortable clothing must be worn which allows for ease of movement. Girls should not wear skirts. Trainers should be worn and students should not wear shoes with heels, or heelies as this can be dangerous and hinder movement. Pupils not wearing the appropriate clothing will be excluded and required to watch the class. (Under the Health and Safety regulations) pupils may injure themselves or others when not wearing the correct attire therefore will not be covered under the company insurance.

9 The Principal reserves the right to alter/change prices and timetable of any class, in such a cas one term's written notice will be give to parent(s)/ guardians.

10 The principal reserves the right to exclude pupils from classes for the following reasons:

a) Not responding to training
b) Misbehaviour or willful damage to property.
c) Non - attendance
d) Breach of school rules (available on request)

11 Students should arrive at least 5 minutes before the schedule time to enable lessons to start on time. If unable to attend a class, please ring 01932 403421 or 07956 266124 beforehand to inform the academy of non attendance.

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